Various artists

A Tall Grass Sampler: A collection of Nebraska songwriters

(CD, released 2000)

16 tracks by some of Nebraska's finest musicians...
John Walker: "Get Back to the Well"
Lori Allison: "The River"
Steve Hanson: "The Toasted Pony"
Laurie McClain: "Too Soon to Tell"
C. A. Waller: "Red Beans and Rice"
DeAnn Allison: "Faster Lane"
The Toasted Ponies: "Come Hell or High Water"
Jim Pipher: "Old Songs"
Steve Blazek: "First Step"
Beth McBride: "Slightly Off Center"
Jumpin' Kate (Kate Logan): "Pure Light"
Sean Benjamin: "Deep Blue Mama"
Erin McGovern: "Follow My Heart"
Jennifer Haase: "Listen for My Mandolin"
Champaign Jerry and the Vegetarians: "Different World"
Chris Sayre: "The Wind that Blows So Hard"

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