Something Old, Something New

(CD, released 2006)

Includes: Trumpet Hornpipe/Mari's Wedding/Farewell to Whiskey/Lochlaven Castle, The Blackball Line, Tanglediony/Steamtown Jig/Paddywhack Jig, The Nutting Song, Grog and Tobacco, General Guinness, Rosin the Bow, Harp Without the Crown, Hector the Hero, Tell Me Ma with Leather Britches/Humours of Donnybrook/Swigning on a Gate/Mouth of the Tobique, Love Will You Marry Me/Off to Galway, Si Beag, Si Mor/Haste to the Wedding/Dingle Regatta, Band of Shearers
Terry Keefe: fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Dan Newton: accordion, whistle, vocals
Chris Sayre: guitar, concertina, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, vocals
Dave Marsh: bodhran, accordion, whistle, hammered dulcimer, backup vocals

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