It was 1978 when two young men sat playing Irish tunes for the first time together in a living room in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dan Newton and Chris Sayre had gotten together because Dan had a dream about playing Irish music and he'd heard that Chris was learning to play the Concertina. Shortly thereafter Dan and Jim Versch joined Chris at Jesse's (a pub that used to be across the street from the world-famous Zoo Bar) for a benefit concert for KZUM radio. It was here that a fourth young man asked to sit in with them on his bodhran. Dave Marsh became a permanent and integral part of Lincoln's Irish music scene that day. The band Paddywhack was formed a short time afterwards and just a few months later Terry Keefe joined them as their fiddle player. Paddywhack may have been the first Irish band in Nebraska, and certainly have a sound that is unique among Nebraska's Irish bands.

Eventually Paddywhack broke up and Dan moved away to Minneapolis, but the band has played on and off ever since. Dave, Chris, and Terry still play occasionally as Paddywhack and the four have periodically gotten together for reunion gigs. Two of these reunions produced the recording of "Whacked Out" in 2001 and the Prairie Dog Music release "Something Old, Something New" in 2006. "Something Old, Something New" delivers what it advertises. If you are a longtime fan of Paddywhack, songs like "The Trumpet Hornpipe Medley," "Tanglediony," "The Nutting Song," and "General Guinness" will take you back to a time when you were sitting in O.G. Kelley's sipping suds and listening to tunes. But time keeps moving and Paddywhack's music has moved with it, so you will also get a taste of some of the newer tunes that the Paddywhack trio performs today. Beautiful ballads like "The Harp Without the Crown" and "The Band of Shearers" are interlaced with lively sing-alongs like "Tell Me Ma" and gorgeous airs like "Hector the Hero."


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