John Walker

The Monarch

(CD, released 2007) Order online from CD Baby

Includes: "The Monarch," "The Prairie Dog Express," "Such A Dream," "Old Soul," "Girls Kick Butt," "Browns Drinking White," "Birthday Moon," "Dead-Eye Dick," "I Am Trying To Determine...," "Come On Over To My House," "Adios Buds," "Sufferin And Cryin," and "I'll Be Back Again Someday."
John Walker: guitar and vocals
Peter Blakeslee: resophonic guitars
David Morris: bass
Wendy Jane Bantam: vocals and mouth trumpet
Terri Jo Dodson: vocals
Steve Hanson: mandolin and vocals
John Hischke: soprano sax,
Terry Keefe: fiddle
Jim Pipher: bass and vocals
Kelly Walker: vocals

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