John Walker

A transplanted Okie who now calls Nebraska home, John Walker has been performing his brand of country-blues music for more than 40 years. His musical roots go back to Bob and Johnny Lee Wills, Woody Guthrie, Huddie Ledbetter, Bukka White, Brownie McGhee, and numerous small-town Oklahoma churches where he grew up singing songs like "What a Friend," "Oh Happy Day," and "Just a Closer Walk with Thee."

His own songs reflect that upbringing in their laid-back accessibility and Southern rural themes. They combine foot-stomping rhythms with smooth melodies and expressive lyrics, all to the distinctive accompaniment of a unique finger-picking style of guitar playing.

He has played those songs in auditoriums and bars and churches and festivals and living rooms and hay fields across the country since the sixties. John Walker is a long-time traveler with the Nebraska Arts Council's Touring Artists program and has performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as Nebraska's representative to the Center's State Days concert series.

Quotes and Reviews

"It was a cold February night when John Walker came to town, and I'd go a long way to hear him again." -- LaVon Pape, Gothenburg Times

"Walker vocalizes in his simple, honest country style with no frills or flourishes, and plays his guitar likewise . . . there's always a thigh-slapping, down-home, good-time feeling." -- Holly Spence, Lincoln Journal

"I can't help but think if Woody Guthrie were alive today he'd be crazy about Walker's music . . . he seems to have the same love of simplicity and human expression that Guthrie had. With his rich, deep, folksy voice and his love of the '30's blues, Walker seems to have stepped straight from the Dust Bowl days . . . he knocks your ears off . . . the proud owners of this disc can rest secure in the knowledge that they are members of an exclusive brotherhood dedicated to the proposition that simple, heartfelt music shall not vanish from the earth." -- Robert W. Butler, Kansas City Star

"If communication in entertainment is your bag, there's a great message to be had from John Walker. A guitar and a lot of songs, and a way of making feel he's talking just to you when he sings . . ." -- Neal O'Dell, Around Lincoln magazine

". . . John Walker took the stage to wow the audience with the politically incorrect but fun 'Big Leg Blues' and coaxed a few grins with 'Sandhills Rag' . . ." -- Keith Ludden, Lincoln Star

". . . an explosive, rollicking, soot-stomping romp that promises to make you loose, make you tight, keep you jumping 'til the broad daylight." -- Flinthills Folk Music Guild Newsletter

". . . the smooth, mellow voice of John Walker was enjoyed by a group of good friends and neighbors . . . Walker set the pace. He provided a warm, friendly setting right here in the community for people to learn something new and to enjoy an outstanding concert." -- The Wahoo Newspaper

". . . a talking guitar and a voice with a story to tell." -- Larry Boehmer, Zoo Bar

"That boy gets up there with nothing but a guitar and his teeth hanging out and puts on one hell of a show." -- Kyle Glendy, Promoter, Nebraska Educational Television's "Prairie Pickin'"


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