Daddy Squeeze and The Doctor

Daddy Squeeze and The Doctor (Dan Newton and John Walker) play the country blues. The duo draws upon their diverse backgrounds and many years of professional experience to present American blues and folk music in a unique yet authentic style.

John "The Doctor" Walker, a native of Oklahoma, where he grew up with the music of Johnnie Lee Wills, southern gospel groups, and rural blues, is probably the only country blues singer and guitarist with a Ph.D. in philosophy from Brown University. He honed his skills on finger-picking guitar, slide guitar, and songwriting performing at bars and folk clubs from Rhode Island to California in the sixties. He now teaches at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he first met and began performing with Dan Newton. Read more on the John Walker page.

Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton was born and raised in Nebraska. A longtime student of folklore and folk music, he has studied and performed traditional music styles from around the world. He began playing piano in his early teens and quickly adapted his skill to the accordion, with which he accompanies The Doctor.

Dan Newton grew up listening to big band, classical and Broadway records, and to his mom playing hymns on the piano. Along the way, he learned to express his "inner Dan" through the piano, tin whistle, hammered dulcimer, and guitar. While playing piano in one of his earlier bands, the other members increasingly booked gigs at bars that didn't have a piano. Dan was oblivious to this not-so-subtle hint, and instead decided the solution lie in the accordion.

Since then, Dan has won the 1987 Nebraska Accordion Contest at the Wilber Czech Festival. Dan has taught at Lark in the Morning (Mendocino, CA), Augusta Heritage Institute (Elkins, West Virginia), and Ashokan Fiddle & Dance Camp (Ashokan, NY). He has performed at Freight & Salvage (Berkeley, CA), Winnipeg Folk Festival, Prairie Home Companion, Montmagny Accordion Festival (Canada) and at over 1,500 nursing homes and senior centers in Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado. In addition to Daddy Squeeze and The Doctor, Dan's professional bands include Paddywhack, North Wynd, Boys of Blue Hill, Fat City, Last Call, Vooju Rockin' Tango Club, Irish Brigade, Rockin' Pinecones, Group du Jour, Jumbo Ya Ya, Swamp Sextet, Cafe Accordion Orchestra, Art Carnage, and Guys Can Talk.

Together, Daddy Squeeze and The Doctor combine their skills as musicians, talents as songwriters, and appreciation for traditional styles to create one of the most innovative sounds in blues today. From traditional southern delta blues to Southern gospel and swing, ragtime to American folk and original tunes, their music guarantees (as one of their songs says) to "make you loose, make you tight, keep you jumpin' till the broad daylight."

Quotes and Reviews

"If anybody ever asks me who to hire to play the blues, I'll tell 'em to call Daddy Squeeze and The Doctor!" -- Magic Slim

""I can't help but think that if Woody Guthrie were alive today he'd be crazy about Walker's music." -- Robert W. Butler, Kansas City Star

"There are good performers of folk music and there are remarkable scholars of folk music; in Dan Newton we have a first-rate musician and top-notch scholar in one and the same performer." -- Roger Welsch, folklorist and author


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