John Walker

The Doctor's Prescription for the Blues

(Vinyl, released 1981)

Includes "The Doctor's Prescription for the Blues," "Flatland Tickle," "Get Back to the Well," "Old Friend," "Good Mornin' Blues," "Turn Myself In," "Get Me an Auctioneer," "Ain't No Signifyin'," "The Old Street Singer," "The Guitar Player," "New Walkin' Shoes," and "Would You Like to Go."
John Walker: guitar and vocals
Dave Morris: bass
Steve "Fuzzy" Blazek: dobro and harmony vocals
Jon Lawton: guitar
Jim Cidlik: piano
Madison Slim: harmonica
Sean Benjamin: piano and bass
Marc Nelson: brushes
Steven O. Hanson: guitar

"If communication in entertainment is your bag, there's a great message to be had from John Walker. A guitar and a lot of songs, and a way of making feel he's talking just to you when he sings . . ." -- Neal O'Dell, Around Lincoln magazine


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