Prairie Dog Music is an independent music label featuring country blues, American folk and bluegrass, and other forms of traditional music.

Prairie Dog Music Artists

John Walker

Daddy Squeeze
and The Doctor

John Walker
and The Nightcrawlers

C. A. Waller

Robert Kloefkorn

The Toasted Ponies


Bluegrass Crusade

Chris Sayre

Steven O. Hanson

Terri Jo

Terry Keefe

Jim Pipher

The Lightning Bugs

David Boye

Recent Prairie Dog releases

Floyd's Blues by C.A. Waller

Pine Creek Crossing by The Toasted Ponies

What the Hoops Junkie Saw -- the new book by John Walker

Valparaiso by John Walker and the New Hokum Boys

North Cascades Reflections by David Boye

The Last Tall Tree by Jim Pipher

Glow by The Lightning Bugs

A Year of the Prairie Dog: A Sampler from the Congregation at the First Church of the Prairie Dog

The Monarch by John Walker

Songs from the Fire by Steven O. Hanson

Tunes from Along The Way by Chris Sayre

VIDEO: John Walker and Gunter Voelker at the Clawfoot House

VIDEO: John Walker in Wooly's back yard

VIDEO: John Walker at Brownville

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